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Sat Sep 20 21:17:40 BST 2008

all) of the CS students have a version of unix on their machines.
What is prevalent (sp?) is the use of linux.  A few of them use FreeBSD
but probably only a handfull.  There are a few members of staff
who plug FreeBSD and help out install probs etc but the job adverts
all seem to mention linux and windows and thats what the students look

> The best approach is probably to specifically target the computer 
> science and artificial intelligence departments - I don't know how 
> effective talking to lecturers/support staff would be, but I know that 
> most students will run what their dept. runs (since it'll definitely run 
> any course specific software).

Thats probably the way to go,  however UKC is in the 'privileged' 
position of being a Sun Microsystems recognised university for CS.  
We appear to be in the process of having Sun 450s thrown at us in the 
near future and so the Sun logo appears all over the place.  Personally
I hope that some of this kit starts landing with the computing service
department instead of just the computing science department.

--wants at least a E250 for a new news server....
"look at it this way dear,  at least my hobbies don't tend to
require vast expenditure to fill a room with rubbish"

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