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Sat Sep 20 21:17:40 BST 2008

> Ok, I've looked into it a bit more, read the code in 
> sys/i4b/layer4/i4b_l4.c where the error is generated, and mixed that 
> together with a liberal bit of isdnd.rc(5).  The results have been 
> committed to src/share/examples/ppp/isdnd.rc :-)
> > I've suggested that this error message is bogus many times before and 
> > have seen no aruments.
> > 
> > Hellmuth, would you object if I removed the message ?  I believe the 
> > below values are pretty sane in reality.

I'm sorry for reacting so late.

I don't think the message should be removed: instead, users using an idle
timeout are required to understand what they are doing and configure 
isdnd.rc in an appropriate way - otherwise there is a good chance that 
idle timeout is not working and you get charged by your telco possibly 
much more money than you normally would.

The most difficult problem arises when one has different charging rates
and the idle time windows start to overlap whan changing from one time
to another: Either this messages comes in this situation or if the user
configures it wrong at startup time. At the time i wrote that code i had
no (relatively simple) idea of a way how to dynamically recalculate the
different windows participation in the earlyhangup time window length.

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