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ASSP is in the ports and has all your requested features, however it might be overkill for a singlr user mail setup. It's not a simple 5 minute setup but is an excellent product and implements white, black and gray lists. We combine it with the Spamhaus zen list and achive about 97% with no false positives.


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Not neccessarily a FreeBSD question specifically, although I *am* running
my mail (pine) on FreeBSD...

I have finally had it with the ridiculous amount of SPAM I manage to
mis-process every day.  Something like 800/day come in and about half get
caught by my provider's filter, then another 25% get caught by
spamassasin.  Don't really know how many real messages get caught in those
two nets, but if you have to weed through 600 messages per day looking for
false positives, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I am ready now to go to a whitelist based system, where only senders in my
whitelist are allowed through to my inbox.  I am wondering if anyone knows
of some unix based filters of this type.  Preferably also with a blacklist
and the ability to respond automatically to unseen addresses requesting a
reply to get whitelisted (assuming spammers will never reply).

I actually started writing one a few years back and never finished.  If
there isn't one yet I will do so!


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