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Duncan Barclay dmlb at dmlb.org
Tue Oct 28 22:17:09 GMT 2008


Ironically, I only spotted this in my spam folder... ho hum

I use procmail for a whitelist:

# Whitelisting
* ? test -f ${WHITELIST} && ($FORMAIL \
        -zxList-Id: \
        -zxCc: \
        -zxFrom: \
        -zxResent-By: \
        -zxResent-From: \
        -zxResent-Sender: \
        -zxResent-To: \
        -zxReply-To: \
        -zxSender: \
        -zxTo: \
        | grep -i -f ${WHITELIST})
| $DELIVER _Inbox -- dmlb

A blacklist would be trivial to implement, by changing the last line to


Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> Not neccessarily a FreeBSD question specifically, although I *am* running
> my mail (pine) on FreeBSD...
> I have finally had it with the ridiculous amount of SPAM I manage to
> mis-process every day.  Something like 800/day come in and about half get
> caught by my provider's filter, then another 25% get caught by
> spamassasin.  Don't really know how many real messages get caught in those
> two nets, but if you have to weed through 600 messages per day looking for
> false positives, it kind of defeats the purpose.
> I am ready now to go to a whitelist based system, where only senders in my
> whitelist are allowed through to my inbox.  I am wondering if anyone knows
> of some unix based filters of this type.  Preferably also with a blacklist
> and the ability to respond automatically to unseen addresses requesting a
> reply to get whitelisted (assuming spammers will never reply).
> I actually started writing one a few years back and never finished.  If
> there isn't one yet I will do so!
> Cheers,
> j
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