[Ukfreebsd] PPPOA and FreeBSD

Spadge spadge at fromley.net
Sun Oct 12 20:02:24 BST 2008

Bruce Cran wrote:

> Some routers support half and full bridging modes - these let you use 
> them more as a modem than a router, with the PPP connection being 
> handled by the PC.  Since the WAG200G has wireless and 4 LAN ports I 
> suspect it won't support bridging since that would make the extra ports 
> and wireless useless.

Yeah, I'd totally agree; let the WAG200G handle the connection, and just 
stick the FreeBSD box in the DMZ if you're absolutely hooked on your 
firewall. :)

AND consider yourself damned lucky you don't have a USB ADSL modem. God, 
that's three months of my life I want back. :D

ps - is everyone getting everything sent back three times? I swear it's 
like being at work.


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