[Ukfreebsd] PPPOA and FreeBSD

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Sun Oct 12 00:45:47 BST 2008

Steve Brownjohn wrote:
> this may be a simple question and, yes, I have read the fine manual 
> but it left me more confused.
> I use FreeBSD on a desktop computer, currently with a dial-up 
> connection. I want to move to broadband but I learn that the UK, along 
> with Belgium apparently, uses ppp over ATM rather than over 
> ethernet. The modem/router I'm buying (Linksys WAG200G) uses an 
> ethernet cable to the PC - can I set up the modem-internet 
> connection as pppoa and then tune the PC-modem connection as pppoe ? 
> Or is there another workaround ?
The WAG200G has 4 LAN ports so it's intended as a router, as opposed to 
a modem: in normal usage you tell it to handle the PPP connection and 
it'll hand out private addresses on the internal LAN.  Your PC won't 
know anything about PPP and will get all the details it needs via the 
DHCP server running on the router - to it, it's just another ethernet 
network with the WAG200G being the gateway.

Some routers support half and full bridging modes - these let you use 
them more as a modem than a router, with the PPP connection being 
handled by the PC.  Since the WAG200G has wireless and 4 LAN ports I 
suspect it won't support bridging since that would make the extra ports 
and wireless useless.

Bruce Cran

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