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Vince Hoffman vince at
Mon May 19 19:36:03 BST 2008

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sat, 17 May 2008, Bruce M Simpson wrote:
>> Dr Josef Karthauser wrote:
>>> Plig's cvsup mirror is now back online, having suffered a major hardware
>>> failure.
>> Poor Plig, they are still one of the best mirrors in the UK.
>> I caved in and switched to portsnap this week. Whilst it's no 
>> replacement for CVS or cvsup, it seems blazingly fast. The closest 
>> portsnap mirror seems to be in .ch. Any plans for a UK mirror? The 
>> docs mention that having portsnap servers nearby doesn't make much 
>> difference, though -- and if it's this fast, I wonder too.
> If someone can tell us how to set it up, I'd think Tony and I would be 
> happy to have one running on  Better even would 
> be someone willing to tell me how to set it up, and then do the 
> necessary testing to decide if it is, in fact, useful.
I believe the person to ask is cperciva at as he wrote it. sums it up quite well though.


> I also have an outstanding request to also mirror NetBSD and OpenBSD 
> cvsup on cvsup3, which I hopefully will get a chance to look at soon.
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> Computer Laboratory
> University of Cambridge
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