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> That would Easynet; or at least Plig was an Easynet site. Perhaps they
> will
> fix it, or perhaps not, but anyway I've redesignated it cvsup1 and made
> cvsup a CNAME to cvsup3 - which is fast and available. Let's see how it
> copes with the load :).

Plig's cvsup mirror is now back online, having suffered a major hardware

I am considering some radical DNS changes with respect to cvsup. What I
propose is that instead of the designation (where N is a number),
we instead have, where host is a site label, i.e.,,, and so forth. This would allow
individuals to connect directly to a known source without having to know
exactly what number it was. Then, we make have multiple CNAME
records to load share between known good servers.

Does anyone think that this is a bad idea?

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