Router recommendations for FreeBSD

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu May 15 14:42:49 BST 2008

Pete French wrote:
>> It's one reason why I've stuck with cable (vs *DSL) for so long -- and I 
>> find the newer Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR modems have broken firmware 
>> which only works with Internet Explorer.
> This is interesting - I am on vrigin media and I just got one
> of these to replace the old surfboard as it wouldnt go abouve
> 10mbit speeds. But the webstar works fine for me from FreeBSD directly
> connected. What problems are you seeing ?
The pages just plain won't display... I can't remember exactly what the 
failure mode was, I think it was something to do with mime types and 
file extensions.

I am normally trying to access it 1 hop removed (via my FreeBSD router) 

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