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Thu May 15 12:51:52 BST 2008

On Thu, 15 May 2008 10:34:44 +0100, "Bruce M Simpson"
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> Bruce Cran wrote:
> >
> > I'm using a Linksys AM200 that gained additional bridging support 
> > through a firmware upgrade - it now does both half and full bridging, 
> > so depending on the setup you can either have the PPP connection 
> > handled by the modem or a FreeBSD box.  In non-bridged mode it used to 
> > hang every few months but since moving it to bridged mode it seems 
> > totally reliable.
> >
> Just to say: This is the sort of information which is like gold dust. 
> Vendors usually don't tell you "Our box supports PPPoA" or "will 
> half/full bridge". The D-Link DSL-501T used to do this IIRC.
> Not knowing these things, means, not knowing if I can just use the thing 
> as a modem and put an edge box which *I* control in place.
> It's one reason why I've stuck with cable (vs *DSL) for so long -- and I 
> find the newer Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR modems have broken firmware 
> which only works with Internet Explorer.
> Why do these guys keep releasing mass market products which break, as 
> soon as you try to use them with stuff which actually complies with the 
> standards which the good tech people came up with?
> Anyway thanks for an excellent thread. There should really be a wiki 
> with all this info out there somewhere...

If you're happy with ADSL1 then Linksys ADSL2MUE works very nicely as a
PPPoE bridge, I used it in conjunction with pfSense (which connected via
PPPoE) and did everything myself, I'm currently using a BeBox (comes
from Be, rebranded Thompson I think) with a custom bridging profile,
still with pfSense
Simon Dick
simond at

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