Router recommendations for FreeBSD

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu May 15 10:34:44 BST 2008

Bruce Cran wrote:
> I'm using a Linksys AM200 that gained additional bridging support 
> through a firmware upgrade - it now does both half and full bridging, 
> so depending on the setup you can either have the PPP connection 
> handled by the modem or a FreeBSD box.  In non-bridged mode it used to 
> hang every few months but since moving it to bridged mode it seems 
> totally reliable.

Just to say: This is the sort of information which is like gold dust. 
Vendors usually don't tell you "Our box supports PPPoA" or "will 
half/full bridge". The D-Link DSL-501T used to do this IIRC.

Not knowing these things, means, not knowing if I can just use the thing 
as a modem and put an edge box which *I* control in place.

It's one reason why I've stuck with cable (vs *DSL) for so long -- and I 
find the newer Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR modems have broken firmware 
which only works with Internet Explorer.

Why do these guys keep releasing mass market products which break, as 
soon as you try to use them with stuff which actually complies with the 
standards which the good tech people came up with?

Anyway thanks for an excellent thread. There should really be a wiki 
with all this info out there somewhere...


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