BSD UG, Tomorrow night

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon May 5 19:42:34 BST 2008

I should have sent this out last week, but have been a *tad* busy  
recently. So:

Tomorrow night, 7pm, Briton's Protection. The BSD User Group will  
convene, and if you should choose to join us we'll be there. By the  
looks of the weather forecast tomorrow we're going to end up in the  
beer garden until at least 8pm.

"If you don't do Manchester BSD UG, you're an enemy of freedom" -  
Richard Stallman

Actually, he didn't say that, but given he was in town last week and I  
put him up for the night, you can expect what he /did/ say will be a  
topic of conversation tomorrow.

See you there,

Paul Robinson

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