How to enable Linux binary compatibility using sysinstall

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Wed Mar 19 10:12:01 GMT 2008

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 21:14:12 +0000, "Stephen Allen"
<sdafreebsduk at> said:
> Hello,
> After installing FreeBSD 7.0, I realised I'd forgotten to choose Linux
> binary compatibility during the install.  I tried installing from ports,
> but it's gone and installed a load of other unwanted packages aswell now
> (perl/popt/rpm etc...).
> So, a few questions really...
> 1.
> Why does the ports install require all these other packages, when none
> of these are installed if you remember to select the "Enable Linux
> binary compatibility" option during install?

The sysinstall option does install all of them, it just doesn't make it
obvious that it's doing so, after all, if you want binary compatibility
you need the support libraries/binaries for the linux system.

> 2.
> If I wanted to install from sysinstall (like during an installation),
> what do I do to enable Linux binary compatibility, without reinstalling?

You can just run sysinstall as root and install it that way, but you're
probably better off updating your ports then installing it that way

> 3.
> There are 6 Linux binary compatibility packages available, which is the
> best one to use... fc4-10?

That one I have no idea about, in general I'd guess you're probably best
off going for linux_base-f7 (Fedora 7), but it also depends what you
want to run I guess
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