How to enable Linux binary compatibility using sysinstall

Stephen Allen sdafreebsduk at
Tue Mar 18 21:14:12 GMT 2008


After installing FreeBSD 7.0, I realised I'd forgotten to choose Linux
binary compatibility during the install.  I tried installing from ports,
but it's gone and installed a load of other unwanted packages aswell now
(perl/popt/rpm etc...).

So, a few questions really...

Why does the ports install require all these other packages, when none
of these are installed if you remember to select the "Enable Linux
binary compatibility" option during install?

If I wanted to install from sysinstall (like during an installation),
what do I do to enable Linux binary compatibility, without reinstalling?

There are 6 Linux binary compatibility packages available, which is the
best one to use... fc4-10?

Kind regards,

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