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> > Interesting, that looks almost too good to be true.  I'm wondering why
> > I'm paying 50 quid a month for an 800k uplink with eclipse (bt
> > reseller) when I could get that.  Do you have any experience with this
> > provider yourself?  You didn't say.
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> > Joe
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> I have two accounts with them at present, both residential and with=20=20
> the "pro" upload of 2.5 megabits. One has been active for two years,=20=
> the other for around 10 months.
> The  first is approximately 3 miles from the exchange and attains=20=20
> around 15 megabits download speed. The second is 90 metres from the=20=20
> exchange and attains around 19 megabits download speed. :-)
> The upload on both can be used consistently at 2.5 megabits.
> Customer service has been very good. I would recommend them.
> If they're not available in your area, I would recommend Zen ADSL=20=20
> instead. Slightly more expensive than other options, but very good.

I've been with Be for a while too, they're definitely recommended here,
they also offer a static IP as a free of charge option. If you're an O2
customer you may want to check out their broadband as they own BeThere
so provide the same service, but offer discounts to O2 customers.
Personally I'm sticking with BeThere just in case I change mobile
networks, and that O2 charge =A35/month for a static IP which seems a bit
excessive to me!
Simon Dick
simond at

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