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Mon Mar 17 10:33:54 GMT 2008

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>> Dammit. That last link should have been
> Interesting, that looks almost too good to be true.  I'm wondering why
> I'm paying 50 quid a month for an 800k uplink with eclipse (bt
> reseller) when I could get that.  Do you have any experience with this
> provider yourself?  You didn't say.
> Joe

I have two accounts with them at present, both residential and with =20
the "pro" upload of 2.5 megabits. One has been active for two years, =20
the other for around 10 months.

The  first is approximately 3 miles from the exchange and attains =20
around 15 megabits download speed. The second is 90 metres from the =20
exchange and attains around 19 megabits download speed. :-)

The upload on both can be used consistently at 2.5 megabits.

Customer service has been very good. I would recommend them.

If they're not available in your area, I would recommend Zen ADSL =20
instead. Slightly more expensive than other options, but very good.



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