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Mon Mar 10 14:56:36 GMT 2008

Quoting Jamie White < at>:

> On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Jonathan Schneider <jon at>
> wrote:
>> > Anyway, to the point Virgin Media use the newer and better internet
>> > technology, so wherever you are, you get a good connection (unlike
>> > with ADSL), you will quite likely get a better upstream
>> Not so. When I started with NTL cable I got 128k up and 512k down.
>> Some years later they made it 100k up. It's now about 170k up and 2m
>> down. Cable is more asymmetric than ADSL or at least the way NTL have
>> it set up.
>> If you want upstream ADSL is better. At the end of the day yes their
>> technology is different but it's down how little they can give for
>> the money and do good marketing. Best not to host stuff at home anyway.
>> For much HTTP traffic it's about getting the requests out fast enough
>> and upstream is the limiting factor. Then consider peer-to-peer
>> applications that like you to upload as much as you download.
>> However at the risk of something breaking I'll say the connection is
>> pretty reliable, the IP address static for months at a time despite
>> my kit being switched off most of the time and the Inktomi proxies
>> aren't as bad as they once were. Maybe with Phorm it'll all go to sh*t.
>> Jon
> I would check you package, because my upstream is now a very nice 328kbps
> up, and I a lot of use of it as well.
> Also, Virgin Media packages advertised all offer the same upstream. Sounds
> like you've been unlucky.
> Jamie


You can get up to 2.5 megabit upload on their Pro package.


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