Domain hosting & ISP recommendations

Jonathan Schneider jon at
Sun Mar 9 16:48:59 GMT 2008

> Anyway, to the point Virgin Media use the newer and better internet  
> technology, so wherever you are, you get a good connection (unlike  
> with ADSL), you will quite likely get a better upstream

Not so. When I started with NTL cable I got 128k up and 512k down.  
Some years later they made it 100k up. It's now about 170k up and 2m  
down. Cable is more asymmetric than ADSL or at least the way NTL have  
it set up.

If you want upstream ADSL is better. At the end of the day yes their  
technology is different but it's down how little they can give for  
the money and do good marketing. Best not to host stuff at home anyway.

For much HTTP traffic it's about getting the requests out fast enough  
and upstream is the limiting factor. Then consider peer-to-peer  
applications that like you to upload as much as you download.

However at the risk of something breaking I'll say the connection is  
pretty reliable, the IP address static for months at a time despite  
my kit being switched off most of the time and the Inktomi proxies  
aren't as bad as they once were. Maybe with Phorm it'll all go to sh*t.


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