Domain hosting & ISP recommendations

Tim Borgeaud tim at
Sat Mar 8 12:39:47 GMT 2008

I'm moving in the next couple of weeks and would like to change broadband
ISP (ADSL). I use Pipex at the moment and haven't had any problems, but in
view of the change of ownership of Pipex I'd quite like to move to a
service with a good reputation for quality and reliability.

Zen looks like a reasonable choice, I was wondering if anyone has any
other good recommendations?

A change of ISP will mean losing my old Pipex mailbox. While, I don't
use it much, it has been useful to have a second email address (for less
important stuff). Therefore, my plan is to get some mail (and maybe web)
forwarding for a, which I registered but never used, arranged. I'd like to
do this through a reasonable large/stable UK based company/institution.
So, I'm looking for some recommendations of who to go with.

Ideally, I think I'd want to arrange domain hosting and broadband
provision to be quite separate from each other.


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