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Robert Watson rwatson at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jun 9 14:03:34 BST 2008

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, N.J. Mann wrote:

>> Getting gnome2 upgraded was a complete nightmare.  I ended up just 
>> reinstalling it from packages.  Compling the latest firefox from the ports 
>> tree works, but the install hangs when it is installing chrome (something 
>> like that).

I have to say that I've pretty much given up on incrementaly upgrading third 
party software packages -- I end up running a snapshot of ports/packages from 
a particular date and then bulk-upgrading once in a while.  Not a great model, 
but generally functional.

> The upgrade to Xorg 7.3 was particularly painful here.  It took me weeks to 
> get 7.3 to work (7.2 just worked out of the box) and then I could only get 
> 1024x768 rather than the 1600x1200 I was used to.  I eventually found a 
> combination that worked and then a new version of the video driver became 
> available and I was back to square one.  Since then I have found that every 
> third version of the video driver works and the two in between don't!
> I realise the developers can't test every combination of video card, 
> interface and motherboard, but I still find myself screaming at the dopey 
> thing when it doesn't work following an upgrade!  :-)

The X.org 7 upgrade for me was very bumpy -- one thing you might want to do, 
btw, is consider checking out the X.org code about three weeks before a 
release and checking if the latest version works with your card.  Given that 
it breaks frequently, it sounds like they really aren't testing with your card 
in practice, but I've found the X.org crew very responsive to bug reports. 
You might find that just doing one test before each release caused releases to 
start magically working better with your card over time -- which doesn't save 
you time, but might help other people in the same boat.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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