{Fraud?} Xitami port access problem

Kelvin Woods kelvin at zednought.net
Mon Jan 28 15:19:53 GMT 2008

On Mon, January 28, 2008 15:03, Jamie White wrote:
> Hi
> After a bit of fiddling I managed to get the xitami webserver working
> on my
> computer under root. However for fairly obvious reasons i'd rather not
> run
> the server as root.
> So what I did is create  two new users:
> xitami
> xitami-www
> They both share the home directory /home/xitami, difference is, is a
> setup
> that only allows xitami-www read only access to the home folder,
> xitami has
> read write access. Thought it make for quite good security.
> Now when I try to start xitami under the user xitami-www I get the
> following
> set of errors:
> Xitami/2.5c2
> Copyright (c) 1991-2003 iMatrix Corporation
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: xilrwp: Could not open LRWP port 81
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: Port is already used by another server
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: smthttp: web server binding to address
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: smthttp: opening HTTP service on  port 80...
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: could not open port 80
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: Port is already used by another server
> 2001/01/28 16:02:22: Permission denied
> Now no services are on port 80 or for that matter 81. I am fairly
> certain
> somethings blocking xitami-www from listening on this port, I
> wondering what
> is likely to be blocking it, and how do I unblock it?
> Jamie

If I understand what you're attempting to do correctly you're trying
to launch a service from a "normal" user account that wishes to use a
priviledged port. This wouldn't be possible under standard security
constraints. I would guess that the error message about the port
already being in use is a bit of a red herring.

To confirm this can you run the service on a higher port number i.e.
greater than 1024?


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