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> > I have an exim server and every Thursday we send out over 30000 mails,
> > our current smtp_accept_queue_per_connection is defaulted to 10, I want
> > to change this to 100, anyone think this might cause a problem?
> I am not sure how this will help you - you are *sending* lots of mails
> not reciving them arent you ? That variable controlls what happens to
> incomming mail, not outgoing.
> I used to send a lot of bulk email via exim - generally I fund the best
> technique was to queue it, and then have a queue runner on a very short
> interval with a fairly high maximum number in parallel. That way you end
> up
> with a lot of parallel deliveries after a short time, and it seems to
> be fairly efficient.
> -pete.
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