FreeBSD dinner in Cambridge, January 31?

Richard A Barrow arb at
Wed Jan 23 00:00:03 GMT 2008

Provisionally I would like to say yes, I will though confirm this with =
wife during tomorrow. I just need to check as we have three kids ;)

Regards Richard Alan

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Subject: FreeBSD dinner in Cambridge, January 31?

Dear folks in or near Cambridge:

The FreeBSD folks in Cambridge used to do dinners about once a month, =
sort of fell off a few years ago.  I think it would be fun to start up
especially if EuroBSDCam will be taking place here in a year and a half.

Mark Murray and I have been talking about possibly trying to have a=20
FreeBSD-ish dinner in Cambridge on or around January 31.  Mark is a =

fan of Ter-aki, a Sushi place in the city centre, so I think that would =
be a

reasonable choice.  Would anyone interested in joining us drop me an =
that we can make a reservation of an appropriate size, and so that I can =

you know what time and if the location changes?

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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