-- how to get new cvsup mirrors added?

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Jan 16 16:00:27 GMT 2008

I hope everyone's having a good new year -- a couple of general questions 
about infrastructure:

Tony Finch and I are in the throes of setting up a new cvsup mirror at 
Cambridge, courtesy the Cambridge Computing Service, and I was wondering who I 
should be prodding to get it hooked up as a mirror when 
the time comes?

While perusing, I noticed that the information there is a 
tad bit dated, especially for  In 
particular, Walnut Creek CD-ROM hasn't existed for a few years.  Do we know 
who to bother to get it updated?

Finally, as some of you may already be aware, we're proposing that EuroBSDCon 
2009 should be hosted in the UK, and quite likely in Cambridge (EuroBSDCCam?). 
It's pretty early days, but it looks like UKUUG will be willing to help 
support the conference administratively and financially, and has put up a 
brief notice about it on their web site.  I thought I might briefly poll for 
people who might be interested in helping to support such an effort in the 
FreeBSD UK community.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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