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O'Connor, Kevin wrote:

> I've got nothing against doing a custom kernel, used to do them all
> the time to get SMP kernels but how to find a way to explain to the
> powers that be that it is Microsoft's DNS that is broken when it
> works fine from their point of view and that it's only one of those
> new fangled open source thingys that has the problem, therefor it
> must be a fault with that. The decision to stick with my kludge gives
> the appearance of full interoperability for lest resource/effort.
> This is after all the public sector where time to tweak is scarce.
> Also if the problem is fixed with Windows 2008 it is a simple 1 line
> alteration and service restart to revert back.

I'm pretty sure that if you hunt around in MS knowledge base there is
a fix for this problem, even without having to upgrade to the next
version of windows.  After all current versions of Windows do claim to
be fully IPv6 capable.

Also, by not pinning the blame fair and square where it really lies you
aren't doing yourself any favours.  The trick is not to make a big deal
about it.  Just state the facts.



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