Special event: Manchester BSD User Group - January 2008

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Wed Jan 2 10:50:27 GMT 2008

First off, Happy New Year. I hope all are alive, well and maybe still  
running a book on me getting an iPhone (I got another SE instead).

This month the Manchester BSD UG is a little different (which I hope  
you realised in advance as the first Tuesday was last night) just for  
one month as a special thingy-ma-bob.

We're going to meet NEXT Tuesday, and instead of at the Briton's  
Protection go (almost) next door to the Rain Bar and join the GeekUp  

For the BSD'ers reading this who don't "do" GeekUp, you can find out  
more at http://geekup.org/ - don't worry about the "web designer"  
angle, many carry BSD in their pockets by way of an iPhone. :-)

Normal service will be resumed in February. Any questions, please get  
in touch.


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