[Ukfreebsd] File System Ext2 On DVD+RW

Carsten Heesch carsten at heesch.me.uk
Sun Dec 21 17:20:02 GMT 2008


That's all quite interesting, but for your purpose I would suggest to  
use USB sticks rather than other removable media. You can use them  
with (almost?) any file system, which includes encrypted ones, because  
your approach is NOT how you want to secure personal data:

> Obviously if you're recording Personal Information on
> Removable Media it might be preferable to use a format which isn't  
> readable
> under  Windows.

Any user can run VMware Player with a random Linux/FreeBSD and access  
your media through that. Plus, the filesystem choice does not protect  
your data from being read on other O/S...

Go for proper encryption!

Moreover, USB sticks are faster and smaller.

Just my 2 pence.


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