[Ukfreebsd] Questions after installing postfix

Stefan Bethke stefan.bethke at hanse.de
Tue Dec 9 06:57:08 GMT 2008

Am 09.12.2008 um 02:16 schrieb Stephen Allen:

> I chose "y" to the option to configure postfix in mailer.conf, and  
> when I check out those files - they are indeed the sendmail  
> compatible binaries installed by postfix.  However, the messages  
> also said that I should enable postfix in rc.conf, and also disable  
> some sendmail stuff.

Some, or all of it? Try this to fully disable sendmail in rc.conf:

> Now I thought that was the whole point of mailer.conf?

That's to help binaries which have /usr/sbin/sendmail (and related)  
hard-coded to be able to talk to the alternative (non-sendmail)  
mailer. "Knowledgable" parts of the system should address the  
replacement directly.

Leaving any of the sendmail support enabled will indeed make the  
sendmail rc scripts run postfix through the mailer.conf configuration,  
but this is not what's intended, as far as I understand.


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