[Ukfreebsd] Questions after installing postfix

tim matthews tmatthews at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 9 06:05:54 GMT 2008

One the points of Postfix was it to be as compatible as possible with
Sendmail, which about 10 years ago was the king of MTA's. Nowadays I
would say other MTA's, like Postfix/Qmail/Exim and Exchange are now
almost even with Sendmail.

Sendmail is still sadly still the default MTA on FreeBSD. Switching
over to Postfix on FreeBSD should be very painless.

Do check your ps -aux to see if Postfix is indeed running and do check
the headers of the emails sent out, just to make sure.

Otherwise, I think the process of replacing Sendmail with Postfix may
have been easier than you thought!


2008/12/9 Stephen Allen <sdafreebsduk at rowyerboat.com>:
> I have a bunch of FreeBSD servers, all of which I've installed postfix onto,
> even if it's just for local mail relay for cron etc.
> However, this time I took the trouble to read the messages that come up
> after installing the package.
> I chose "y" to the option to configure postfix in mailer.conf, and when I
> check out those files - they are indeed the sendmail compatible binaries
> installed by postfix.  However, the messages also said that I should enable
> postfix in rc.conf, and also disable some sendmail stuff.
> Now I thought that was the whole point of mailer.conf?
> For example, if I enable postfix in rc.conf, I get a message at boot time
> saying that postfix is already enabled.
> Can anyone clear this up for me please?
> Many thanks,
> Steve
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