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Vince Hoffman vince at unsane.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 10:05:42 GMT 2007

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Gavin Atkinson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any recommendations for an IP KVM solution, ideally one
> that can be used through a web browser or over something like VNC?  A
> long time ago, HP used to offer a Java-based one which was nice, but
> they seem to have dropped this product now and now sell what appears to
> be a rebadged Avocent KVM.  I really don't like the Avocent products,
> they are unpleasant to use and the client isn't cross-platform.
> Ideally I'd like it to be a multi-port version so that I don't need an
> external KVM, but I'd also be interested in people's experience of the
> single port solutions like the Adderlink VNC-based box.
> Can anybody recommend anything available in the UK?

For single port:
I rather like the lantronix spider so far due to its small size and not
needing external power (the downside being you cant get into the kvm if
the server is powered down, not that you're likely to though.)
It offers a java based app that worked fine for me under jdk15/firefox
on 7. Offers usb "virtual media" either a floppy image or mount a samba
share and see it as a usb disk. Not sure if they are bootable as some
are. I've only tested the spider on LAN as yet but it seems to work
pretty well and will even work as a serial console (untested.)

For multi port:
  I also tested a 16/32 port ipkvm from Raritan, the Dominion kx II
that lets you mount iso Images from local or a samba server and boot
from them, was nice to start a remote freebsd install on a server in the
data center from an iso on my laptop over a dsl link (bit slow though
;). Again it worked fine for me on freebsd/firefox/jdk15, nice and
responsive over a dsl link, didnt try dialup though. To have the usb
"virtual media" the dongles arent too cheap but over all it worked
pretty well, did need to fiddle with the usb speed setting to get the
usb keybord recognised on boot so we could fiddle with the server bios
but their support people were pretty helpful with getting that sorted.


> Thanks,
> Gavin 
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