Adding users to NIS

Stephen Allen sdafreebsduk at
Wed May 30 14:05:33 BST 2007

I thought I might have asked this question before, but nothing in the 

The FreeBSD Handbook says to do this to create a new user in NIS.

       # pw useradd jsmith
       # cd /var/yp
       # make test-domain

Using pw didn't work, until I used 'pw -V /var/yp'.  Is this a fault 
with my setup or an omission in the handbook?

The handbook then says, "You could also run adduser jsmith instead of pw 
useradd jsmith."  This doesn't work either.  Like 'pw' it just creates a 
user in the local passwd file.

So, what is the recommended method to create a new user in NIS, bearing 
in mind I'd want to create homedirs etc?

Many thanks,

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