The Manchester BSD UG - June Meeting

Paul Robinson paul at
Mon May 28 20:11:49 BST 2007

Next Tuesday, the 5th June, is interesting for two reasons.

Firstly, it's the Manchester BSD User Group meeting, held from 7:30pm- 
ish at the Briton's Protection on Great Bridgewater Street in this,  
the finest city on Earth (or at the very least, we're further up the  
list than Hull).

Secondly, it's the 30th anniversary of the Apple II going on sale.

 From :

"The first Apple II computers went on sale on June 5, 1977 with a MOS  
Technology 6502 microprocessor running at 1 MHz, 4 KB of RAM, an  
audio cassette interface for loading programs and storing data, and  
the Integer BASIC programming language built into the ROMs. The video  
controller displayed 24 lines by 40 columns of upper-case-only text  
on the screen, with NTSC composite video output suitable for display  
on a monitor, or on a TV set by way of an RF modulator. The original  
retail price of the computer was US$1298 (with 4 KB of RAM) and US 
$2638 (with the maximum 48 KB of RAM)."

Upgrade from 4Kb to 48Kb of RAM for $1,340? And I thought the current  
official upgrade price to 2Gb on Macbooks was pricey...

Given that the BSD UG has turned into an Apple fan club with its head  
only slightly above the let's-hug-the-prancing-Unicorn-under-a- 
rainbow tide of cultism that real Apple User Group meetings seem to  
exhibit, we may choose to combine these two occasions into one big  
Unholy/unruly Celebration of VisiCalc.

Of course, unlike most real Apple fan groups, the BSD UG is attended  
by people who think that 4Kb of RAM is perhaps a little *too much*  
memory for a real computer, so our celebration might be along the  
lines of quietly grumbling in a corner "Who needs a screen when a  
bank of LEDs shows you everything you need?", "Paper tape is more  
reliable than magnetic media like cassette anyway..." and "1MHz? Who  
needs all that speed? The Intel 8008 is *more* than quick enough at  

What? Who?

The Manchester BSD User Group is a group of Unix enthusiasts, users,  
developers and systems administrators who meet once a month in a pub  
in central Manchester. It's a friendly/social event and we don't do  
talks or presentations. We chat about various technical things that  
matter to us, but mostly it's a chance for people to meet up and find  
out what's going on within the industry or in our mad/bad personal  

In the past, conversations have covered a wide range of technical  
topics, so if you're interested in the kind of tech that you can pull  
apart and put back together again (even when you're not meant to),  
you'll find somebody interested nearby.


The Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street, in central  
Manchester. We normally occupy a large-ish area in one of the rooms  
around the back, but now the evenings are getting lighter if it's  
warm and sunny we may head out to the beer garden (if it's open).

The Briton's is a traditional English pub with real ale, quality  
lager, a range of soft drinks and an excellent selection of crisps. I  
believe they do food of a high quality, but don't know what time they  
stop serving.


We always meet on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. The next  
meeting is on Tuesday the 5th June, and the meeting after is  
currently planned for the 3rd July. We normally drift in to the place  
around 7:30pm, and most people drift off sometime between 9pm and 10pm.


Feel free to post queries to manchester at or you can  
contact me directly. If you want directions to help find us, or need  
a mobile number in case you get lost, just get in touch.

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