FreeBSD filesystem types

Stephen Allen sdafreebsduk at
Thu May 17 11:18:03 BST 2007

Thanks James,

I found in the FreeBSD handbook, that any partition type upwards from d 
is ok to use (d used to have a special meaning, but not now).

Just to check I'm going to be doing this right... I can use sysinstall 
or fdisk to create the actual slice, but use 'bsdlabel -e' to edit the 
partition table to give me a) an extra swap partition because I also 
upgraded the memory, and b) the rest of the slice as a single partition?


James Clarke wrote:
> It would be a good idea to ask why you're installing a second hard
> disk to determine how to partition it.  If you're just looking for a
> large storage partition, you should manually create the partition,
> and then probably add an entry to mount it in /etc/fstab
> Further to your query, those letters are just for labeling during the
>  partition/labeling exercise.
> On 17/05/07, Stephen Allen <sdafreebsduk at> wrote:
>> I've just added a 2nd hard disk to FreeBSD 6.2, and
>> partitioned/labelled it through sysinstall.  The help I followed
>> suggested that FreeBSD prefers to use various letters for various
>> mount points.  Eg.
>> a - / e - /tmp f - /usr d - /var
>> Are these filesystems given letters, purely for ease of
>> identification or are the filesystems different in any way?  /usr
>> is by far the largest partition in my case
>> When sysinstall had finished with the new disk, it gave it a letter
>> of d, as if it were a /var type.  Is this right/wrong, and why?
>> Thanks, Steve
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