FreeBSD filesystem types

Stephen Allen sdafreebsduk at
Thu May 17 10:34:50 BST 2007

I've just added a 2nd hard disk to FreeBSD 6.2, and partitioned/labelled 
it through sysinstall.  The help I followed suggested that FreeBSD 
prefers to use various letters for various mount points.  Eg.

    a - /
    e - /tmp
    f - /usr
    d - /var

Are these filesystems given letters, purely for ease of identification 
or are the filesystems different in any way?  /usr is by far the largest 
partition in my case

When sysinstall had finished with the new disk, it gave it a letter of 
d, as if it were a /var type.  Is this right/wrong, and why?


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