Job Opportunity

Richard A Barrow arb at
Wed May 16 20:41:16 BST 2007

I thought I would offer this here first ;)

The company I work for has an opportunity that has arisen. Basically it
would be paid part time work at first to upgrade and debug some C code we
have running on some FreeBSD servers. The upshot is our current developer
was not looking for a living in IT so he left and has a job running a car
business. (Can you tell I have no written the official job spec yet?) In
short we are looking for someone to come on and see how they feel about the
company. We are about to go public and for the right person there is a
pre-floatation share bonus for completing the work on top of your money.

I have been in the company for ten years now and we are months away from
floating so the requirement is urgent.

Any questions then feel free to mail me.

Regards Richard

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