The Manchester BSD UG Thing

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Mar 28 15:12:39 BST 2007

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.

-- Emily Dickinson

'tis true that a little madness in the spring is wholesome unless by =20
"madness" you mean "install Vista".

There has been some consternation suggesting that my recent posts =20
announcing the Manchester BSD UG meetings have been lacking in:

a) Sufficient poetry
b) Sufficient humour
c) Sufficient information

To this, I reply that poetry and humour are not right, but =20
privileges, bestowed upon ladies and gentlemen of the finest =20
character. In recent months I have noticed a shocking decline in said =20=

character of group, e.g.:

a) Not enough people wearing flowers in their buttonholes
b) I saw several people arrive *without a gentleman's hat* the other =20
c) Unpolished shoes. Enough said, I fear.

You are therefore undeserving of poetry and humour and I shall now =20
act merely as custodian of records and guardian of your moral =20
decline. Sounds like fun, no?

However, there is no excuse for a lack of information about these =20
little events:


The Manchester BSD User Group started in 2002 at the Lass O'Gowrie =20
pub as a means to getting Unix users of a certain character and =20
ability into the same physical space on a regular basis in order to =20
share information, stories and guidance.

Since then it has become a night in the pub populated by sys admins, =20
developers and various tech/geek types of different hues. We no =20
longer laugh quite so hard when somebody mentions Linux or the GPL, =20
and secretly we all want to run Ubuntu on Apple laptops.

A few months ago I proposed a logo for the group which consisted of a =20=

unicorn prancing under a rainbow. This was received with much =20
support. It'll either be that, or the source code of 'xargs' =20
manipulated somehow into a fractal image: we are a mass of =20
contradiction and confusion, if nothing else.

The meetings are an informal, relaxed, friendly chat down the pub. =20
There are no talks, no agendas (at least not written down - I have a =20
secret plan to rob everybody, but don't tell them), no schedules or =20
mission statements. It therefore resembles an unorganised rabble, and =20=

we're proud of it.


We always meet on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. The next =20
meeting occurs on the 3rd of April. Likely dates for the next 3 =20
months after that are:

1st May
5th June
3rd July

We typically meet around 7:30pm. Sometimes people turn up earlier, =20
sometimes people don't get there until much later. People drift on =20
when they feel they want to, and in recent months that has been =20
around 9-10pm.


One of the public rooms around the back of the bar in:

The Briton's Protection Pub
50 Great Bridgewater Street
M1 5LE

+53.475072, -2.247262

Or, in old money:

+53=B0 28' 30.26", -2=B0 14' 50.14"

Or in Crown Copyright money:


If you can't find it with that lot, mail me off-list and you can have =20=

my number and I will come and find you somehow.=

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