July 2007 Manchester BSD UG - 3rd July/next Tuesday

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Fri Jun 29 13:22:44 BST 2007

What with all the excitement of constitutional nuance in London, I  
completely forgot that I needed to send out a reminder about next  

Plus, I'm not sure it would actually have got through to anybody this  
week, what with the Internet being clogged up with oh-my-god-i-can- 
hardly-breathe iPhone "news". I am now convinced that the iPhone is  
the gadget equivalent of Paris Hilton. I'm just not sure which one is  
most plastic...

Last month the BUG was on the anniversary of the Apple II going on  
sale. This month, we'll be meeting on no such auspicious an occasion  
although on that date in 1938 the Mallard set a World Speed Record  
for a steam locomotive (126mph), so an attempt may be made at re- 
enacting said occasion by hijacking a tram. Either that, or we'll sit  
around talking nonsense as we usually do...

What? Who?

The Manchester BSD User Group is a group of Unix enthusiasts, users,
developers and systems administrators who meet once a month in a pub
in central Manchester. It's a friendly/social event and we don't do
talks or presentations. We chat about various technical things that
matter to us, but mostly it's a chance for people to meet up and find
out what's going on within the industry or in our mad/bad personal

In the past, conversations have covered a wide range of technical
topics, so if you're interested in the kind of tech that you can pull
apart and put back together again (even when you're not meant to),
you'll find somebody interested nearby.


The Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street, in central
Manchester. We normally occupy a large-ish area in one of the rooms
around the back, but now the evenings are getting lighter if it's
warm and sunny we may head out to the beer garden (if it's open).

The Briton's is a traditional English pub with real ale, quality
lager, a range of soft drinks and an excellent selection of crisps. I
believe they do food of a high quality, but don't know what time they
stop serving.


We always meet on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. The next
meeting is on Tuesday the 5th June, and the meeting after is
currently planned for the 3rd July. We normally drift in to the place
around 7:30pm, and most people drift off sometime between 9pm and 10pm.


Feel free to post queries to manchester at bsdgroups.org.uk or you can
contact me directly. If you want directions to help find us, or need
a mobile number in case you get lost, just get in touch.

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