Co-location options?

Tom Judge tom at
Thu Jun 14 20:43:19 BST 2007

I spent about a month investigating Colo facilities in and around the 
London area.

The options that ended up short listed where TeleCity Redbus (Harbour 
Exchange Square), Level 3/iLand (Both city facilities) and Vital (Based 
in Park Royal).  However I should have short listed IXEurope as well.

Vital was chosen in the long run because of price.  We have yet to find 
out if this is a good long term choice, they seem to have some trans 
Atlantic routing issues (using Sprint UK).

I don't recommend TeleCity Redbus (Harbour Exchange any way) the last 
time I was in the facility nobody had good things to say about the 
service since TeleCity and Redbus merged.

Good luck in the hunt


Nick Jones wrote:
> I'm looking at colo options in the UK and I'm after some
> recommendations.  I've heard good things about Black Cat, Bogons and
> Jump, although the latter are extremely poor at responding to emails.
> Requirements are pretty standard - it'll be a 1U IBM x330 running
> FreeBSD (of course ;) ), serial console access, and 100GB or so per
> month.  Ideally it'd need to be in London, but it doesn't have to be.
> Any ideas?

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