Co-location options?

John Murphy freebsd001 at
Thu Jun 14 16:07:36 BST 2007

Nick Jones wrote:

> I'm looking at colo options in the UK and I'm after some
> recommendations.  I've heard good things about Black Cat, Bogons and
> Jump, although the latter are extremely poor at responding to emails.
> Requirements are pretty standard - it'll be a 1U IBM x330 running
> FreeBSD (of course ;) ), serial console access, and 100GB or so per
> month.  Ideally it'd need to be in London, but it doesn't have to be.
> Any ideas?

Would be worth including enta in your list of possibles:

I don't have any direct experience of their co-location services, but
they do very well as an ISP and are definitely FreeBSD friendly.


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