Co-location options?

Rickey Costas rickey at
Thu Jun 14 14:45:34 BST 2007

Nick Jones wrote:
> I'm looking at colo options in the UK and I'm after some
> recommendations.  I've heard good things about Black Cat, Bogons and
> Jump, although the latter are extremely poor at responding to emails.

I've got a server with Jump. Nice friendly people, and the service is
good and cheap. Console access too. Servers hosted in London, but people
in Cambridge.

However, they do NOT man a helpline, so you may wait a few hours if your
server goes ga-ga and you cant fix it over the console. Also charge for
power, as all seem to now. Power meter from maplin is pretty accurate
for checking.

Unfortunately they dont have any rackspace for a few months. Or I'd have
put another server with them.


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