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I tried the VMWare Server as suggested, not for BSD, but Solaris as I needed 
this for research and did not want to take down my BSD box. Every thing 
worked fine for Solaris on XPPro (I need this for work), so I guess FreeBSD 
would also be ok. Ideal way to experiment with one PC... and easy to use. 
However I did lose almost 10 gig of disk space, small price to pay.


>From: David Birch <d_birch at hotmail.co.uk>
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>Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 03:49:09 +0000
>I'm studying my first year of Forensic Computing at Staffordshire 
>University and thought it about time I made myself familiar with a UNIX 
>variant. I searched online and came across FreeBSD which I've now set my 
>heart upon becoming familiar with. I've got a HP nx6325 laptop computer 
>with AMD Turion 64 X2 processor. I've re-jigged my disk with partition 
>manager and left ~60gigs running windows and set aside ~20gigs for a 
>FreeBSD installation, but I'm scared! I've read a lot of complicated 
>sounding horror stories and detailed fixes for some errors HP has 
>apparently allowed to slip through the net with regards the BIOS and ACPI? 
>My question is, has anyone got any experience of installing freebsd on an 
>nx6325 and could they please talk me through what I'll need to do in order 
>to get the basics up and running in real simple terms - kinda an idiots 
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