Reminder: Manchester BSD User Group - Tonight

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Jun 5 09:49:33 BST 2007

Today is the first Tuesday of June. As any fool around these parts  
can tell you, that must mean one thing: Manchester BSD User Group is  
meeting tonight in the Briton's Protection around 7:30pm.

For what seems like an eternity, the BP's Beer Garden has been  
"closed for building work", which I hope will not be the case tonight  
as it's so bloody lovely out there. If however it is closed and it  
gets as hot and sweaty in the BP as I think it might be, we might  
take a vote to move. Therefore, please let me have your mobile number  
if I don't have it already and you're turning up after 8pm. We won't  
be far (Rain Bar, Peveril or The Deansgate are all within 100 yards).

It is also of course the 30th anniversary of the Apple II going on  
sale, which Apple is apparently going to celebrate with the launch of  
very slightly faster Mabook Pros... *yawn*... (however it means all  
their refurb stock is about to come tumbling down in price, as is  
everything currently on eBay). I was going to celebrate this somehow,  
but have decided to merely buy a box of rotting apples from the  
Sainsbury's round the corner and pelt attendees with them. Either  
that, or I may choose to try and drink cider for the evening. :-)

Hope to see you there...

Paul Robinson

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