Manchester BSD UG: Next Tuesday

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Jan 31 23:02:12 GMT 2007

Like Unix? Like people who like Unix? You'll *love* all-new  
Manchester BSD UG. With extra-deep brain-cleaning power, you'll have  
seen nothing like it before. See it in action, live, and for one  
night only (this month) next Tuesday!

Mancheser BSD UG will make you rich and famous for having no more  
talent than filming a chemical reaction involving Diet Coke and Mentos!

Manchester BSD UG offers the best web-based Project Management  
software in the World, and we're all going to retire on it!

Manchester BSD UG just took $3 million in series A funding and will  
come out of private beta in the Spring!

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch said of Manchester BSD UG "Who? Get  
out of my back yard before I call the Police!"

What more can we say?

Read what people are saying about Manchester BSD UG:

"I'm very pleased with results of Manchester BSD UG on my oven. Got  
much better results than by using Mr Muscle. It's a real shame the  
mess they made in the bathroom though."

"LOL! ur loserz! Linux iz da best since bread, innit! I'm gonna stand  
outside next time and shout through the window and everyfink"

"I'm really pleased with the Manchester BSD UG. I could leave my  
children in front of them whilst I got on with housework, assured  
there would be no bad language or violence. The kids love it!"

"Apart from Unix, OS X, Linux, Solaris, maybe Plan 9, oh and I really  
liked Amiga OS too, there is no need to use any other operating  
system, it is brilliant! I use Debian though, and I'm gonna buy a  

As an extra bonus this month, we'll be discussing what happened one  
Saturday morning at MDDA and how all the other Manchester user groups  
are far more professional, successful and formal than us. Oh, and  
what the thinking is around us all getting together to do stuff, you  
know, together. But not in a weird way. You won't need to hold hands  
or stuff, unless you want.

Manchester BSD UG pretends to be a user group meeting for users of  
BSD-style Unix operating systems. In actual fact, we all became  
managers about four years ago, and can't remember how the heck to use  
xargs properly any more. Even so, it's a chance to meet in a pub,  
talk about "stuff" that is vaguely BSD and Unix related, and argue  
about nothing in particular. We pride ourselves on the fact that in  
the five years we've been meeting, a copy of Powerpoint has never  
been used in a BSD meeting - it's not that kind of user group meeting.

Sometimes there are 10 attendees, sometimes it's just 2 or 3.  
Developers, Systems Administrators, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Students  
and Academic staff have all shown up in the past.

First Tuesday of the month, which means February's meet is on the  
6th. We say the meeting starts at 7:30pm, but some people drift in  
straight after work and are on their second pint by then, others  
don't show until 8pm. Generally, we drift off between 9pm and 10pm.

The Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street. If you don't  
know how to find it using Google, you're probably not going to fit in  
well to be honest. That said, if you want reassurance that you'll  
find us there, mail me off-list and I'll let you have my mobile.  
We'll be in a room around the back, and we're easy to recognise.  
We're unix types: we stand out.

Anything else?
Dress as a pirate for bonus points. Be prepared to be talked into  
going to see a MUGSS production. If you're turning up, let me know.  
Bring interesting stories, and a friendly demeanour.

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