Job alert

Ben Tyson-Norrman ben at
Tue Jan 16 08:44:41 GMT 2007

Thank you for your forbearance, those who are expecting techie things...

I've got a job vacancy, working in Central London.

The twist is, I don't just need BSD, I need linux and I need comfortable 
with Windows. Oh and networking.

In other words I need a good all rounder - and I'm hoping there's one 
out there.

Its a TV company -  doing interactive TV, text to TV and TV over IP.

Reasonable salary, pension and holidays, relaxed working environment 
(though you need to get on with dogs, as my dog comes to work)

Drop me a line, off list if you are interested.

Thanking you kindly

Ben Tyson-Norrman
DTV / IT Manager
GNUPG KEY: 82D04531

Two Way TV is the trading name of Two Way Media Ltd
Company Number: 4904168

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