[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD 6.2 Released (fwd)

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Mon Jan 15 11:35:42 GMT 2007

> While it's likely you've seen this already, I figured I'd send it out on
> the
> UK FreeBSD mailing list anyway.  Of particular relevance is that many of
> the
> bullet features in the release announcement were developed in the UK :-).
> In
> particular, freebsd-update was largely written at Oxford University while
> Colin Percival was there.  Likewise, much of the work on Audit and OpenBSM
> was
> done by me at the University of Cambridge.  Depending on how you feel
> about
> the UK as part of Europe, you might also be interested to know that csup
> was
> developed in France, geli in Poland, ipfw in Italy, and ata in Denmark.
> So
> FreeBSD development appears to be quite alive and kicking here (UK,
> Europe).
> :-)

Wow, I had no idea! (no change there, then).

I have to say, having received this announcement already, and read up on
the "what's new" stuff, I can't wait to get home and update.

I've even managed to talk my brother into updating his 5.4 machine *finally*.

Great stuff! Congrats and thanks for all your great work.


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