Question: Moving an Office

Stefan Bethke stefan.bethke at
Mon Jan 8 22:28:55 GMT 2007

Very good advice so far, the only thing I can add from my last office  
move (24 desks plus 40 dev. and production servers) from one floor of  
the building to another: make sure equipment fits through doors.   
Although we had planned the main distribution room meticuously,  
including exact placement of the rack (make sure the door opens  
fully), size of conduits for the data cables etc., we had to break  
off moving the main rack since it didn't fit through the door of the  
new room.  Luckily, we could find the right hex bit at a nearby store  
the next morning, take the rack apart outside and finish installing  
it before the work day started, but we sure felt stupid :-)

Good luck,

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