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Mon Jan 8 15:34:04 GMT 2007

For a start the best thing to have is just a dose of common sense :), as yo=
u are a freebsd lover this more than likely came naturally at birth so your=
 safe :D This is in a general sort of order and is not inclusive. This is a=
lso a perfect time to sort out all of those little grips you may have (clea=
rly labeled cables / tidy patching / hidden cables)

1) Get a floor plan.
2) Transfer your existing infrastructure onto the floor plan. (seats desks =
the lot)
3) Add all of your electrical / RJ11 / RJ45 traps / runs to the diagram
4) Decide where the server room will be.
5) Are you replacing ? or transferring existing Com's ?
6) Check all of your warranties on major equipment, you may have to call in=
 the supplier to decommission / recommission specific equipment.
7) Contact your network provider and get the line in and checked PRIOR to a=
ny move.
8) Get the phone company in and work with them on the transfer of any ISDN =
30 etc feeds you have for the phones.
9) If you are doing any structured cabling i.e. raised floors / traps / con=
duit then you would do well to get in a cable laying outfit. Double up on m=
ajor runs, get a test report for each run.
10) Get in and check the Internet and general connectivity directly
11) Build up the server room / area.
12) Get a move check list together : containing and this is not inclusive :
     * Desks
     * Phones
     * Cables
     * Anything that you will take
Mark where it is going from and where it is going to.

13) Make the users responsible for there desk area, provide removal storage=
 containers with labels for them to pack into (keep them informed -- let th=
em know early)

14) Unless you intend to get the users to do the move, involve a reputable =
removal company (check their and your insurance cover), they will need a co=
py of your existing floor plan and the target environment with the layout.

Any questions let me know, I have done this so many times now it sort of fa=
lls into place.

Regards Richard

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> Subject: Question: Moving an Office
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> List,
> I'm currently preparing to move our Company into a new
> premises. As I have not done a move on this scale before I
> thought I'd try and mine this list for good tips in case there
> are things I have not thought of.
> Does anyone have any good advice for preparing for this? Or
> perhaps you have a good story about what not to do. Whatever
> information you'd like to share I would very much like to hear
> it.
> Background:
> I've got to move all our servers & PCs, about 100 systems in
> all. We host all our public servers at our Office so I have
> that to deal with as well. The new premises has no equipment or
> even a comms room built yet so advice on that front is also
> most welcome.
> Cheers.
> Dominic
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