Question: Moving an Office

Dominic Marks dom at
Mon Jan 8 15:33:06 GMT 2007

On Mon, 08 Jan 2007 14:47:36 +0000
"Martin.Hepworth" <martinh at> wrote:

> Dominic
> Lots and lots of planning - make sure everyone is aware of timescales
> etc.
> NB getting a leased line moved can be anywhere up to 50 WORKING days!!

Indeed. It is going to take 35 at best for us! I am having ADSL
installed as well at the new site to give us a little more

> Design the comms/server room with plant of space and plan, plan and plan
> again...make sure you've got enough power/A/C and theres no isssues with
> weight on any Racks you plan to install...

I wouldn't have thought about the weight issue. Time to add
that to my check list.

> The Practice of System and network Administration (ISBN 0-201-7071-1) is
> very good on server room design as well..

Thank you. I'll order this now.


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