Question: Moving an Office

Spadge Fromley spadge at
Mon Jan 8 15:25:16 GMT 2007

> Dominic
> Lots and lots of planning - make sure everyone is aware of timescales
> etc.
> NB getting a leased line moved can be anywhere up to 50 WORKING days!!
> Design the comms/server room with plant of space and plan, plan and plan
> again...make sure you've got enough power/A/C and theres no isssues with
> weight on any Racks you plan to install...
> The Practice of System and network Administration (ISBN 0-201-7071-1) is
> very good on server room design as well..

Yeah, I just asked someone (on IRC, hence the appalling punctuation and
grammar) who I know has recently been through all this, and his response

"Where to start ... moving office is dead easy as long as you do several
things :D
the most important, unusually, is checking all the cabling before you move.
does it all work, do you have enough switches, what about cat5 cables, etc
The rest is just a matter of logistics
if your servers are in a wheeled rack, just wheel it into place. It
shouldn't stop working
A comms room just needs two things: Raised Floor and Air Conditioning.
Anything else is a bonus"

good luck with the move :)


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