Mail server question

Spadge spadge at
Wed Dec 5 17:54:02 GMT 2007

Steven Fletcher wrote:
> I think you'll want to use the "fetchmail" port in conjunction with 
> cron; it can fetch email via POP3 and then delivery locally via SMTP or 
> similar delivery agents if my memory serves me correctly (however it's 
> been at least 5 years since I've used it!)
> -Steve

You don't even need cron.

This is exactly what fetchmail does.

 From ~/.fetchmailrc

set daemon 300
poll {server} with protocol {protocol} username "{username}" with 
password {password} is {local user here} here


poll with protocol pop3 username "joe.blogs at" with 
password secret is jblogs here

and yeah, I use courier-imap and postfix on the local server.


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